Running Oracle Database On A System With 40% Kernel Mode Overhead? Are You “Normal?”

Quantifying hugepages Memory Savings with Oracle Database 11g

Little Things Doth Crabby Make – Part X. Posts About Linux Hugepages Makes Some Crabby It Seems. Also, Words About Sizing Hugepages.

Little Things Doth Crabby Make – Part IX. Sometimes You Have To Really, Really Want Your Hugepages Support For Oracle Database 11g.

Little Things Doth Crabby Make – Part VIII. Hugepage Support for Oracle Database 11g Sometimes Means Using The ipcrm Command. Ugh.

How To Produce Raw, Spreadsheet-Ready Physical I/O Data With PL/SQL. Good For Exadata, Good For Traditional Storage.

“Feel” Your Processor Cache. Oracle Does. Part I.

“Feel” Your Processor Cache. Oracle Does. Part II.

“I Still Want My Fibre Channel.” Thus Sayeth Manly Man!

SAN Admins: Please Give Me Maximum Capacity From as Few Spindles as Possible!

It’s Not a Record But It is the Most Interesting TPC-H. No Manly Man SAN Here.

Hard Drives Are Arcane Technology. Why Can’t I Realize Their Full Potential?

Over-Configuring DBWR Processes Part IV

Over-Configuring DBWR Processes Part III

Over-Configuring DBWR Processes Part II

Over-Configuring DBWR Processes Part I

Don’t Forget ARCH When Pondering Redo Performance

Manly Men Only use Solid State Disk for Redo. LGWR I/O is Simple But Not LGWR Processing

Nearly Free or Not, GridSQL for EnterpriseDB is Simply Better Than RAC

Application Server Benchmark Proves PostgreSQL Is The Best Enterprise Database Server!

Oracle Doesn’t Scale Without Multiple Log Writer Processes.

Manly Men Only Deploy Oracle With 64 Bit Linux – Part I. What About An x86 Port On EM64T Hardware?

It’s OK to Blame the Storage. Oracle Problems When “Storage” is Just Fine.

Multiple Buffer Pools with Oracle

Cache Hit Ratio. Who Needs It?

What Performs Better, Direct I/O or Direct I/O? There is No Such Thing As a Stupid Question!

Gettimeofday() and Oracle on AMD Processors

Using Linux sched_setaffinity(2) To Bind Oracle Processes To CPUs

Oracle Shared Latches, CAS, Porting. No mention of ASM?

The 60% Allocation “Rule”. Oracle TPC-H Proves Hard Drives Are Still Round!

DBWR Efficiency, AIO, I/O Libraries with ASM.

TPC-C Result Proves DB2 is “Better” Than Oracle with ASM

Marketing Efforts Prove SunFire T2000 Is Not Fit For Oracle.

Oracle Performance on Sun’s “Rock” Processors and Oracle Scalability

A Tip About the ORION I/O Generator Tool

Using OProfile to Monitor Kernel Overhead on Linux With Oracle

SAP Benchmark Fire-Tests Operating Systems. A Bit About RAC Too.

Audited TPC Results Prove RAC is Faster Than IBM Mainframes

Analyzing Oracle10g Database Writer I/O Activity on Linux

Analyzing Asynchronous I/O Support with Oracle10g

Using Oracle Disk Manager to Monitor Database I/O

Using the cpuid(1) Linux Command for In-depth Processor Information

Busy Idle Processes. Huh? The AIX KPROC process called “wait”.


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